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The role of UV spray paint PP treatment agent in plastic spray paint process

2021-07-19 09:52:51

The effect of primer PP treatment agent is different from that of adding PP adhesion enhancer. The PP treatment agent used in the primer has a better effect, which can solve the problem of strong adhesion of most PP plastic spray paint coatings on the substrate. In the field of oil spray processing, PP spray paint basically does not have the problem of adhesion, and it is generally treated by primer coating of PP treatment agent and then spray paint.

The role of PP plastic spray paint primer PP bonding treatment agent

The understanding of the field of coatings should be clear. The key factor for the combination of coatings and substrates is whether it has sufficient adhesion and forms a strong and firm coating. In fact, this is also the key to using PP treatment agent to solve the adhesion problem of PP plastic spray paint, and fundamentally improve the adhesion between layers to an effective bonding value.

The main function of modified PP is to improve the wettability of the substrate surface by forming a certain film thickness on the surface of the substrate and to enhance the intermolecular force between the substrate through molecular force. Form a chemical bond to improve the two-way adhesion between the substrate and the paint.

The types of PP plastic spray paint in the oil spraying process are also relatively rich, so the PP treatment agent has better compatibility with the coating, and there will be no other reactions and more complicated process problems. In the use method, the solvent-based After the toluene and xylene are diluted, spray them directly on the substrate, and then apply the paint. After baking, the PP treatment agent will improve the adhesion effect.

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