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What should be paid attention to in the production process of plastic spray paint parts

2021-07-19 09:58:03

After the injection of plastic parts is completed, surface treatment operations such as painting and screen printing are carried out. These surface treatment operations have almost strict requirements on appearance. The engineering precautions after painting are as follows

1. Appearance. Coating silk screen is to achieve the appearance effect that the mold cannot achieve. During injection molding, try to avoid defects that affect the appearance of the coating, but some defects are acceptable, such as air lines, etc., which can be covered during coating. However, it depends on the color of your painting and the technical requirements of painting.

2. The color difference of the material color. Unless you spray black, the material should not have too much color difference. Because the painter will not repeatedly adjust the oil for your material. The same paint is painted on the material with chromatic aberration, and the painting effect is very different.

3. Clamping the water line, the position line, and the thimble printing can be avoided. It is really inevitable. It can be polished, and it takes time to polish.

4. The surface of the material must not be significantly reduced.

5. The surface of the material is not clean, and there is cleaning and dust removal before painting, but there must be no oil stains on the surface of the product. This is related to your packaging, which is also a big problem.

6. Loss. The loss of painting is quite large. It is normal to grab a loss of about 10PER. Pay attention when preparing materials for production.

PP plastics are involved in a wide range of industries in industrial manufacturing, such as pure PP materials, modified PP materials, PP materials, etc. Generally, PP materials can reduce material costs by adding many miscellaneous materials and nozzle materials, and coating on its surface cannot be used. Oil or 100 grid test coating.

The solution of PP plastic umbrella handle spray paint falling off.

After problem analysis and research on the problem of PP plastic miscellaneous materials, the use of PP treatment agent primer is used. After the treatment agent is applied to the umbrella handle, the primer and rubber coating are applied to activate the properties of the substrate surface and improve the adhesion. In the interface environment, the PP treatment agent is combined with the paint to form a strong chemical bond, making the paint stronger

In fact, the PP treatment agent has a strong versatility for materials in improving the spray processing technology of PP plastics, not only for normal PP materials and modified PP plastics, but also for improving the adhesion of PP nozzle materials. At the same time, paint is not selected, and the coverage is wide. The construction method is in the form of primer, which conforms to the coating production line.


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