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How to deal with the problem of paint falling during plastic spray painting

2021-07-19 10:01:59

Painting process is acommon construction methodin plastic surface treatment . The control of substrate and technical process affects the quality of coating. No matter what problems occur, the coating will have defects and fail to meet the standards and coating performance requirements. What kind of process is the solution to the painting problem in plastic spray paint ? Let's investigate together.

Treatment methods and related technological processes of painting problems in the plastic spray painting process.

1. Confirm the cause of the paint falling.

There are many factors for paint peeling. For example, whether the pretreatment is clean, whether the coating environment meets the conditions, whether the adhesion of the coating meets the requirements, whether the spraying process is performed in a standardized manner, etc. are the elements of the process flow. The main reason for the substrate is the non-polarity and low surface of the substrate. Affect the bonding force between the coating and the substrate.

2. Assess the treatment method.

Problems such as process flow and paint adhesion can be better handled by standardizing construction methods and adjusting paint adhesion performance. However, the reason for the adhesion properties of the substrate really cannot be simply replaced by the substrate. Therefore, it needs to be solved by improving the polarity of the substrate surface and improving the adhesion of the coating and the substrate. Usually this method is through the plastic surface treatment agent . Basic coating form to improve the adhesion between layers.

3. Application of treatment methods.

The application function of plastic surface treatment agent is to fully wet the substrate, improve the condition of the polar groups on the surface of the substrate, and combine with the substrate and the paint through the function of the type chain to become a complete and strong combination, improving the relationship between the two The adhesion between layers can solve the problems of coating and coating of surface coating defects.

Many other problems occurred during the plastic spray painting process, but it is indeed the phenomenon of paint drop that affects the quality of the painting. There are other methods in the painting industry to solve these problems, but the technology is not strong, the stability is insufficient, and the effective time for appointment after treatment is short. Therefore, the application and development of plastic surface treatment agents have promoted production efficiency and improved spraying yield.


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