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Hardware spray paint processing flow

2021-07-19 10:12:54

Hardware processing is the processing of raw materials (stainless steel, copper, aluminum, iron...), lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, grinding machines and other machinery into screws, motor shafts, model car parts, fishing parts, speaker product shells, according to customer drawings and samples. Various parts such as mobile power shells.

The hardware processing technology is to supply materials according to production needs. After opening, for example, the production of small parts can go to the punching machine for gong cutting and CNC processing. There are many production of glasses parts and auto parts. Making the container: After stamping the material, welding, sanding and spraying, the assembled parts can be shipped. Metal parts require a lot of polished surface treatment, electroplating and painting. Then welded or screwed, assembled, packaged and shipped.

Turning the external surface is the basic method of external surface processing in hardware processing, and the equipment used is a lathe. In general machinery factories, lathes account for about 40% of the total number of machine tools. Turning is the main method for rough machining and semi-finishing of the outer surface of various materials, and it is also the final finishing method for various materials that are not suitable for grinding.

When a single piece is produced in small batches, the turning of the outer surface is generally performed on an ordinary lathe. In mass production, multi-knife and a half car beds or car beds are widely used. Large plate parts should be processed on a vertical lathe. Large long shaft parts need to be processed on a heavy-duty horizontal lathe.

The characteristics of turning the outer surface are: 1. Simple tools, convenient manufacturing, sharpening and installation 2. Stable cutting process, small cutting force changes, which is conducive to the use of high cutting speeds and increased productivity 3. The machine tool has good versatility and can be used in one time. The outer circle, end face, inner hole, thread and chamfer are processed in the clamp. The mutual position accuracy between the surfaces is easy to ensure. 4. It is suitable for the finishing of non-ferrous metal parts.


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