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About the surface treatment of hardware accessories

2021-07-19 10:14:44

The subdivision of hardware surface processing can be divided into metal coating processing, electroplating, surface grinding processing, metal corrosion processing and so on.

Surface processing of hardware parts:

1. Painting processing : metal factories adopt painting processing when producing large metal products, and prevent metal products from rusting through painting processing. For example, daily necessities, electrical enclosures, handicrafts, etc.

2. Electroplating: Electroplating is also a very common processing technology for metal processing. Through modern technology, the metal surface is electroplated to ensure that the product is not moldy or rusted after long-term use. The common electroplating processing includes screws, stamping parts, battery parts, car parts, small accessories, etc.

3. Surface grinding process: Surface grinding process is generally used for daily necessities, and surface burr treatment on hardware products. For example, we produce combs. The combs are made of punching hardware. The corners of the punched combs are very sharp. We use grinding to throw the sharp corners onto a smooth face, which will not cause damage to the human body during use.

The defects of wrinkles or shrinkage deformation on the painted surface during the painting process or the drying process of the coating film are very common in the repair work of alcohol-acid paint.


① Improper drying method makes the paint surface dry unevenly. If the newly sprayed paint layer is dried or forced to dry too fast, or the temperature in the spraying workshop is too high, the surface paint layer dries quickly and shrinks quickly, which will extend the drying speed of the paint layer. When the inner paint dries, the surface paint will shrink. Please do not paint on sites where the temperature is inappropriate or where the temperature changes greatly.

② If the paint layer is too thick or too wet, the inner paint cannot release the solvent to dry at the same speed as the outer paint, and the paint surface will be deformed or wrinkled. Multiple coating methods should be used to reduce the thickness of the topcoat layer in one coating.

③Use the wrong thinner or incompatible materials. Using fast drying thinners or using volatile paint thinners can cause wrinkles. The quick-drying thinner should be used in accordance with the regulations, and the amount of quick-drying thinner should be reduced in the hot season.


After the paint is fully dried, remove the wrinkles and repaint.


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