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Treatment method for pinhole and feather edge cracking of hardware spray paint parts

2021-07-19 10:35:48

Treatment methodfor pinhole and feather edge cracking of hardware spray paint parts


Also known as pits, dense holes appearing on the paint film.


①The sprayed compressed air contains moisture, or the wrong type or amount of thinner is used in the paint.

②The wet coating is too thick, or forced to dry with a blower, or the temperature in the spraying workshop is too high or too low.


① The exhaust valve of the air compressor that provides the air source should be opened every day to allow the accumulated moisture to flow out.

②Avoid too thick coating and ensure correct solvent volatilization. Do not blow dry the wet paint surface, it may cause surface skinning or solvent retention in the film.

③Strictly follow the drying rules. Choose a suitable diluent and dilute according to the recommended ratio.

④ Use the correct spray gun and adjust the pressure to ensure a good atomization effect.

⑤If there are pinholes, polish them to be smooth before spraying paint.

Feather edge split

The coating film cracked around the feathery edge and appeared within a short time after the coating was applied.


① Excessive dilution or use of inferior thinner.

②Coarse sandpaper is used when sanding the bevel, improper treatment before painting, the solvent in the paint enters the sandpaper traces to erode the paint film.

③The topcoat sprayed on the inner coating is too thick or too wet, and the solvent in the paint does not have enough time to evaporate outward.

④ The old paint film or the defects that have been repaired before, or the use of too much putty.


① Polish the feathery edge correctly, make a smooth transition, and avoid any sharp corners and layers.

②According to the specific conditions of the factory, use the thinner as required and adopt the correct dilution ratio.

③Do not dry the paint film with wind after painting, because it can only reach the surface dry.

④ When cracking, the surface of the paint film should be polished and sprayed again.

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