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Causes of paint drop of UV spray paint coating

2021-07-19 10:39:27

One of the important selling points of mobile phones is the uv coating advertised by the manufacturer. What is uv coating? Most players not only don't know that well, but they also have a lot of questions. Why is the uv coating worn out and what happens when the spray paint falls off?

The following is the basic knowledge of popularizing uv

Ultraviolet curing (UV) coatings use short-wavelength ultraviolet radiation to produce overlapping chemical effects to produce three-dimensional bridging and curing coatings. Ultraviolet radiation curing technology is a new green technology developed since the 1970s. The ultraviolet curing resin coatings produced by this technology, referred to as UV coatings, have no volatile organic compounds (VOC), low environmental pollution, fast curing speed, Energy saving, good curing product performance, high-speed automatic production.

Compared with traditional hot-drying paint, UV hardening paint has good characteristics. The spray liquid used for UV coating is UV oil, which is cured by UV lamp (ultraviolet lamp). It has the following characteristics:

1. Strong adhesion. 2. Good gloss. 3. Does not fade.

General characteristics of UV coatings:

1. The hardening speed is very fast, and the hardening time is in seconds.

2. It hardens at low temperature and does not need heat directly, and it is also possible to spray heat-sensitive raw materials.

3. Excellent film performance and hardening characteristics, applicable to occasions with high hardness or high interference.

4. Adequate fixed ingredients. Due to the high solid content, a thick and moist coating film can be obtained with only one spray coating.

The hardening of UV coatings cannot be judged from the appearance, and vacuum plating products are composed of multilayer films. Therefore, when the coating film is not hardened, it will cause interlayer peeling and reduce the coating film material. In addition, the shape of the mobile phone case is a frame, and the shape of the frame is a natural three-dimensional shape, and it is difficult to harden the whole under the same conditions. Therefore, in the configuration of the far-infrared heater and UV lamp, considering the shape of the frame, partial hardening is insufficient. For the purpose of protecting the electroplating layer, there will be color paint, so it is possible to design a changeable paint. There are engineering and product requirements after spraying, etc., and it is necessary to choose exclusive coatings. The film thickness is 7-15μ. In this case, coupled with wear, it is not difficult to understand why the paint is falling off.


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