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What are the plastic painting equipment

2021-07-19 10:41:27

According to different classifications, painting equipment can be summarized as follows:

1. Spraying materials are divided into three types: hardware spraying equipment, plastic spraying equipment, and wood spraying equipment.

2. The sprayed oil is divided into: spraying equipment powder spraying equipment.

3. From the degree of automation, it is divided into: manual spraying device and automatic spraying device.

4. According to the type of industry:

1) Coating equipment for automobiles and mechanical equipment, such as dust-free painting room, dust-free painting room, automobile painting production line, fully automatic painting.

2) Mobile phone shell and electrical shell coating equipment, such as automatic UV spray line and electrostatic coating line.

3) Wooden furniture, handicrafts, floor, wallboard coating equipment such as: primer sanding machine, roller coating machine, automatic painting line, electrostatic painting line, NC painting line, ultraviolet painting line, positive pressure clean room, no Dust spray booth, water curtain spray booth, hanging wire, dust suction polishing table, dust collector, shower belt conveyor line, etc.

4) Coating equipment for steel furniture and wrought iron handicrafts, such as pretreatment equipment, electrostatic coating lines, etc.

How to remedy the problem of plastic UV spray paint? For some relatively high-quality plastic products, such as notebook shells, mobile phone frames, automotive interior parts, buttons, etc., there are quite high requirements from the coating quality to the appearance of the coating effect. If the UV spray paint is not good, it will produce dust, chromatic aberration or other small defects, and it will not pass the quality inspection. Direct scrapping treatment puts great pressure on cost and efficiency, so UV repair water is usually used for treatment.

The poor spraying of UV coating on the surface of plastic parts is mainly manifested as dust spots, woolen lines, etc. The main reason for the formation of dust spots is that the dust on the surface of the plastic parts and the dust spots in the coating environment fall on the workpiece during the coating construction. UV coating The dust after the coating is also fixed on the surface along with the coating. The main reason for the formation of wool yarns is the use of cleaning cloth and work clothes fibers to coat the surface of plastic products. After the UV coating is finished, the surface of the product will form raised lines.



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