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Plastic spray paint surface treatment process laser carving

2021-07-19 10:48:29

Laser engraving, also called laser engraving , is based on numerical control technology and uses laser as the processing medium. Under the irradiation of laser engraving, the physical deformation of the processed material is instantaneously melted and vaporized, which enables laser engraving to realize processing. Laser engraving is the use of laser technology to engrave characters on an object. The characters carved by this process will not leave traces, the surface of the object is still smooth, and the writing will not wear out.

Process classification.

According to the different engraving methods, it can be divided into lattice engraving and vector cutting.

Dot matrix engraving machine: special high-definition dot matrix printing. The laser head swings from side to side, and each engraved line is composed of a series of dots, and then the laser head moves up and down at the same time to engrave multiple lines to form a complete image or text. The scanned graphics, text and vectorized graphics and texts can all be carved with dot matrix.

Vector cutting: Vector cutting is different from dot matrix engraving. Vector cutting is on the outer contour line of the graphic. Our company generally uses this method to cut through wood, paper, and acrylic, and it can also mark the surface of a variety of materials.

Processing principle

According to the application situation, laser engraving technology can be divided into two types:

1. Use a laser to emit a high-intensity focused laser beam to melt and vaporize the material to make it processed.

2. The effect of marking is to expose deep-seated substances through the evaporation of surface substances, or the traces of chemical and physical changes on the surface substances through light energy, or to "carve" certain substances through light energy, or "engrave" through light. Figures and texts that need to be etched.

Raw material supply

There are many materials that can be laser processed. Generally, the laser engraving machine can engrave the following materials: bamboo and wood products, plexiglass, metal plates, glass, stone, crystal, paper, two-color board, alumina, leather, plastic, epoxy resin, polyester resin, sprayed metal .

Application scenario

Laser engraving can be applied to almost all materials, hardware and plastics are commonly used fields.

The engraving of characters, most of the characters on the keyboard are realized by laser engraving.

-Carving patterns and patterns, directly engraving patterns and patterns on hardware products.

-Laser wire drawing, engraving straight lines on hardware products.

LOGO, trademark engraving.


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