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What is electroplating?

2021-07-19 11:24:44

Electroplating is the process of plating other metals or alloys on the surface of some metals using the principle of electrolysis. It uses electrolysis to attach a metal film to the surface of metal or other material products to prevent metal oxidation (such as rust), improve wearability, and conduct electricity. Performance, reflectivity, corrosion resistance (copper sulfate, etc.) and aesthetics

The common electroplating method is to drag the electroplated parts of the continuous electroplating belt into the electroplating tank of the planned process. Barrel plating is to put the bulk electroplated parts in the drum, and put the drum in the electroplating tank for electroplating. The first method of electroplating is to hang the electroplated parts on the rack, and put the rack into the electroplating tank for electroplating.

General electroplating process : First, clean and activate the surface of the substrate to improve the efficiency and surface adhesion of the electroplating substrate. The electroplating film on the surface of the electroplating substrate is processed to remove the electroplating residual medicine, and dry to prevent electroplating from variation and poor quality. Electroplating inspection method: The appearance inspection mainly depends on the appearance of poor plating, discoloration, and electroplating peeling. Film thickness tester X-RAY fluorescent film thickness tester tests whether the actual thickness of the product meets the requirements of the chart. Adhesion test (adhesion test)-bending method (bending test), tape method. Check whether the adhesion surface of the electroplating layer meets the requirements.

Welding ability test generally only needs to conduct weldability test on the electroplated products of tin-plated and gold-plated products, and the bonding surface is generally required to be above 95%. The corrosion resistance test includes salt spray test, nitric acid steam test, H2S steam test, SO2 steam test, water vapor aging test, and the parts must not be oxidized after the test.

The electroplating power supply is an important auxiliary equipment in the electroplating production process. A large number of domestic applications are silicon rectifiers and silicon controlled rectifiers, which are divided into voltage regulators, magnetic saturation reactors, and thyristor dispersion.

Silicone plastic rectifiers and thyristor plastic rectifiers for electroplating are both low voltage and high current, generally 12V (18V for chrome plating), and current from 100A to 20000A. There are silicon plastic rectifiers with thyristor plastic voltage regulation, and only the high load is used. Electroplating power supplies with stable flow voltage and stable current density are also popular.


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