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Advantages and disadvantages of vacuum plating and water plating

2021-07-19 11:26:38

Vacuum plating can generally be divided into ordinary vacuum plating, UV vacuum plating , and vacuum special plating. Processes include evaporation, sputtering, painting, etc. At present, the practice of vacuum coating is relatively popular, and the products produced have strong metal sensitivity and high brightness. Compared with other coating methods, the cost is lower and the environmental pollution is small, and it has been widely used in all walks of life.

Water electroplating is widely used due to its relatively simple process and the harsh requirements of vacuum ion plating from equipment to environmental requirements. However, water electroplating has shortcomings, only ABS material and ABS+PC material can be plated (the effect of this material is not ideal). The temperature resistance of ABS material is only 80°C, which limits its application temperature. In addition, the vacuum coating can reach about 200℃, which can be used for high temperature parts to be electroplated. PC materials such as tuyere, tuyere ring, etc. are made of PC material, and these parts are required to withstand high temperatures of 130°C. Generally, parts that require high temperature resistance are sprayed with a layer of UV oil at the end of vacuum plating, so that the surface of the product is shiny, high temperature resistant, and at the same time ensuring adhesion.

The general material for water electroplating is "hexavalent chromium", which is a non-environmental protection material. Hexavalent chromium" has the following requirements: EU: ROHS: <1000ppm; 76/769/EEC: prohibited; 94/62/EC: <100ppm; Therefore, some domestic manufacturers have begun to try to use "trivalent chromium" instead of " Hexavalent chromium", and the wide range of plating materials used in vacuum electroplating is easy to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

In short, it is a surface treatment technology in which the film material that needs to be coated on the surface of the product is deposited on the surface of the workpiece through plasma ionization in a vacuum state. Vacuum evaporation, sputtering, ion plating and other methods can be used. It can be heated by electric heating, ion beam, electron beam current, DC sputtering, magnetron sputtering, intermediate frequency sputtering, radio frequency sputtering, pulse sputtering, microwave For various methods such as enhanced plasma, multi-arc, etc., coating equipment can be selected according to needs and economic and technical conditions.

Simply put, vacuum plating can not exceed UV oil, its adhesion is very poor, can not exceed Baige TEST, and water plating is obviously better than vacuum plating! Therefore, in order to ensure the adhesion of the electroplating vacuum coating, subsequent special spraying treatment is required, and the cost is of course higher. The water electroplating layer is relatively monotonous. Generally, there are only a few kinds of bright silver and sub-silver. It can't do anything with all kinds of colorful colors such as flash silver, magic blue, cracks, and drop silver. And vacuum coating can solve the seven-color problem.


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