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Selection and use of metal spray paint mold gap

2021-07-19 11:31:20

The die gap is related to the type and thickness of the die material. Unreasonable gaps can cause the following problems:

(1) If the gap is too large, the burrs of the punched workpiece will be larger and the punching quality will be poor. If the gap is small, although the punching quality is better, the die is severely worn, which greatly reduces the service life of the die and easily causes the die to break.

(2) The gap is too large or too small to cause the punch material to stick, resulting in material stripping when punching. If the gap is too small, it is easy to form a vacuum between the bottom of the punch and the plate and cause the scrap to rebound.

(3) Reasonable clearance can prolong the service life of the mold, the discharge effect is good, the burr and flanging are reduced, the plate is kept clean, the hole diameter is consistent, the plate will not be scratched, the number of sharpening times is reduced, and the plate is straight and accurate.

It is related to the life of the mold.

For users, increasing the service life of the mold can greatly reduce the cost of stamping. The following factors affect mold life:

1. Material and thickness;

Whether to choose a reasonable die clearance;

3. Mold structure form;

4. Whether the material is well lubricated when stamping;

Whether the mold has undergone special surface treatment;

6. Such as titanium plating, titanium nitride, etc.;

7. The center line of the upper and lower turrets;

8. Reasonable use of adjusting gaskets;

9. Whether the oblique blade mold is suitable;

10. Whether the mold base of the machine tool is worn or not;

Related to the grinding of the die.

1. The importance of mold sharpening.

Regular grinding of the mold is the guarantee of the punching quality. Regular sharpening of the mold can not only increase the service life of the mold, but also extend the service life of the machine and grasp the correct timing of sharpening.

2. The mold needs to have special sharpening characteristics.

On the blade sharpening mold, there is no strict number of blows to determine whether sharpening is required. Mainly depends on the sharpness of the blade. The decision is mainly based on the following three factors:

(1) Check the fillet of the cutting edge. If the fillet radius reaches R0.1 mm (the upper limit R value cannot exceed 0.25 mm), sharpening is required.

(2) Check the punching quality, are there big burrs?

(3) Judging whether sharpening is necessary according to the noise of the press. If there is abnormal noise in the same mold, it means that the punch is blunt and needs to be sharpened.

Note: If the edge of the cutting edge becomes rounded or the rear edge is rough, sharpening should also be considered.

3. Sharpening method.

There are many methods for mold sharpening, which can be realized on a dedicated sharpening machine or on a surface grinder. The sharpening frequency of the punch and the lower mold is generally 4:1, please adjust the height of the mold after sharpening.

(1) The harm of improper sharpening method: improper sharpening will aggravate the rapid destruction of the blade and greatly reduce each sharpening.

(2) The advantages of the correct sharpening method: regular sharpening can be performed to keep the punching quality and accuracy stable. Die blade damage is slow and has a long service life.


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